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For Your Companion

Coffee and tea, vending machines, TV, magazines, and restrooms are available in the center’s waiting room.

Wireless internet connectivity is available for patient companions who bring their personal laptop computers to the surgery center. Please ask our receptionist for printed instructions on connectivity. Our staff does not provide technical support.

We ask that your companion remain on the premises during surgery in the event your surgeon needs to consult them, or you are ready to go home earlier than expected.

Although we make every effort to adhere to our planned surgical schedule, situations may arise during surgeries in progress which could delay surgery, and external circumstances may prevent surgeons from arriving on time at our facility to perform your surgery. We will inform you and your companion of any delays which affect your appointment time, and will minimize your waiting time as much as possible.

In consideration of other patients and their families, we ask that cell phone usage be restricted to outside the building.