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For Pediatric Patients

Children receive our extra-special “For Kids Only” attention. We take the time to gain their trust and put them at ease. We even give them a ride to the operating room in a little red wagon! Our nursing and anesthesia staff is experienced and well prepared to meet the needs of our younger surgical patients and their parents.

If you like, we can arrange a pre-operative tour of the center for you and your child. Just give the center a call at (630) 305-3300 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM weekdays and let us know when you’d like to stop by. We hope this visit will help your child see and understand what will take place the day of surgery and ease their minds.

A nurse from the center will call you a few days prior to the day of surgery to review pre-operative instructions for your child and the time to arrive at the center. Children may bring their own favorite toy or stuffed animal along with them to the center.

Both parents are allowed to stay by their child’s side, except when he or she is in the actual operating room. When surgery is finished, your doctor will come out to speak with you. Your child will remain in the Phase I recovery room until he or she awakens from anesthesia. When your child is transferred to Phase II recovery, you are welcome to remain with him or her until discharge. You’ll be given written instructions for the post-op care your child needs at home.