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Estimated Fees and Insurance Information

Our staff will verify insurance coverage for both the facility and anesthesia fees prior to surgery. If your insurance policy does not provide 100% coverage of the planned procedure, please be prepared to make a deposit on the day of surgery for the co-insurance and/or deductible portion of the facility fee, and for the anesthesiologist’s fee if you are having anesthesia.

100% payment is also required for any services that are not covered by any insurance policy. All quotes for procedures are estimates, and prior to your surgery date you will receive either a phone call or letter advising you of requested deposits. You may also call us to receive a quote of the estimated charges for your surgery. Please understand that actual billed charges are based on the doctor’s operative report and actual surgery times.

Your Bill

After your surgery, Naperville Surgical Centre will prepare a bill for your surgery and anesthesia services performed at the surgery center. Naperville Surgical Centre also performs billing for the anesthesiologist. We will bill the patient directly for pre-op testing requested by the surgeon that exceeds the surgery center’s preoperative requirements.

The surgery center’s facility fee includes charges for surgery (pre-op, intra-op and post-op nursing care, supplies and intra-operative medications, implants, equipment, use of the operating and recovery rooms), pre-op testing performed at the surgery center, and intra-operative radiology.

The Center bills to all insurance companies, and to Medicare for procedures covered by Medicare in an ambulatory surgery center. Naperville Surgical Centre does not participate in the Medicaid Public Aid Program.

We do not bill insurance for cosmetic procedures unless prior approval of the planned surgical procedure has been received from the insurance company.

Other Bills You May Receive

Depending on the surgery performed, patients may also receive bills from the following independent providers:

  • Your surgeon
  • Anesthesiologist: billed by Naperville Surgical Centre Anesthesia Services
  • Tissue Processing of specimens: ACL
  • Pathology Professional Interpretation : Physician Service Center on behalf of Midwest Diagnostic Pathology
  • Preoperative Testing: various providers of the patient’s choosing
  • Durable Medical Equipment : Service Medical

Any questions regarding these services should be directed to these providers.

Payment Options and Credit Cards Accepted

For your convenience, we accept: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and CareCredit. Because debit cards contain daily maximums, please check your daily limit before presenting a debit card for your payment.

No personal checks are accepted for cosmetic or non-insurance covered procedures. Cash is always accepted.

For Self-Pay Patients

Patients without insurance, or who are self-payers, will be required to sign a form acknowledging they understand their procedure is not covered by insurance. Naperville Surgical Centre requires 100% pre-payment by cash or credit card on the day of surgery. We regret that personal checks cannot be accepted for these services.

For special or extenuating circumstances, we can arrange payment plans for non-cosmetic procedures on a case-by-case basis; please contact our business office at 630-305-3300.