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Patient Service Guarantee

We’re so convinced that our service will always be delivered at the same uncompromising level of excellence, we’re willing to guarantee it.

How effective is our guarantee? Ongoing satisfaction surveys indicate that a remarkable 99% of our patients would return to Naperville Surgical Centre if they were to ever again need surgery!

At Naperville Surgical Centre, we guarantee that:

  • You will be treated with the utmost respect, compassion, friendliness, and professional care.
  • You will receive thorough information and patient education prior to and following your surgical procedure.
  • You will receive continuity of care – from your first contact with us, throughout your surgery, to a follow-up phone call at home.
  • You will receive care in clean, comfortable surroundings from our highly qualified and competent staff.
  • You will be assured of our commitment to safety, convenience and prompt attention.
  • Your surgical facility costs, after deductibles and co-pays, will generally be lower at our center than for comparable hospital services. We also ensure that your bill will be accurate.
  • We pledge to do our best to earn your confidence by anticipating and then exceeding your needs and expectations. Should you find a reason for dissatisfaction, just let us know at the time, and we’ll do whatever is within our power to correct it, even if it means a credit your account. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.